I have designed many circuit boards and written several programs for embedded devices.  As a TA, I built prototype projects that were later given to undergraduate electrical engineers to implement.  I was also assisted in a project testing for contaminants in drinking water.  I had various ideas for embedded solutions to various problems and implemented them as a self paced learning experience.  I also had various people ask me to build things for them.  Below are some of the more interesting embedded projects I have built.

Portable Potentiostat

Video Game Controller

OSR USB FX2 Linux Driver

OSR USB FX2 Firmware Reverse Engineering

Phone Charger, Original Design

Phone Charger, Enhanced Design

Zigbee Carrier and Test Software

Zigbee Linux API

Modbus Relay Card

Thermal Runaway Detector/Interrupter

LCD Demonstration Board

USB to RS232 and RS485 Converters

Embedded Projects

Embedded Projects