//Main module used to tie the state machine to the FPGA board.
module State_Machine_Lab(clk, btnC, sw, led, RGB1_Red, RGB1_Green, RGB1_Blue);
    input  clk;
    input  btnC;
    input  [15:0]sw;
    output [15:0]led;
    output RGB1_Red;
    output RGB1_Green;
    output RGB1_Blue;
    //Output of debounce circuit.
    wire Db_Key;
    //Debounce button.
    debounce(clk, btnC, Db_Key);
    //Instantiate state machine.
    Farmer_State_Machine FSM(Db_Key, sw[1:0], led[15:12], led[3:0], RGB1_Green, RGB1_Red, RGB1_Blue);

//This is the module used to debounce the enter button. Nothing to do here.
module debounce(clk, in_button, out_button);
    input clk;
    input in_button;
    output reg out_button = 1'b0;

    //16ms button bebounce counter.
    reg [3:0]debouncecounter = 4'b0;
    //keep track of whether or not the button is pressed or released.
    reg buttonstate = 1'b0;
    //1 KHz clock.
    reg ce1k = 1'b0;     
    //Clock divider counter.
    reg [15:0]counter = 16'b0;
    //Divide by 50K circuit.
    always @(posedge clk) begin
        counter <= counter + 1'b1;
        ce1k <= 0;
        if(counter == 16'd50000) begin
            counter <= 16'b0;  
            ce1k <= 1'b1;
    always@(posedge ce1k) begin          
        //Initiate counter.
        if(buttonstate != in_button && !debouncecounter)
            debouncecounter <= debouncecounter + 1'b1;
        //Keep counting.
            debouncecounter <= debouncecounter + 1'b1;
        //Button pressed confirmed.  Change state.
        if(debouncecounter == 4'hf && buttonstate != in_button) begin
            debouncecounter <= 4'b0;
            buttonstate <= ~buttonstate;
            out_button <= ~buttonstate;

//The guts of the state machine are here.
module Farmer_State_Machine(Ent, Inp, RL, RR, W, L, I);
    input Ent;                 //Enter button used to move to next state.
    input [1:0]Inp;            //User inputs.
    output reg [3:0]RL = 4'b0; //Represents items on left side of river.
    output reg [3:0]RR = 4'b0; //Represents items on right side of river.
    output reg W = 1'b0;       //Win indicator.
    output reg L = 1'b0;       //Lose indicator.
    output reg I = 1'b0;       //Invalid move indicator.
    reg Fa = 0, Fo = 0, Ch = 0, Se = 0;     //Current states.
    reg Fan = 0, Fon = 0, Chn = 0, Sen = 0; //Next states.
    //Change state when button pressed.
    always @(posedge Ent) begin
        Fa <= Fan;
        Fo <= Fon;
        Ch <= Chn;
        Se <= Sen;
    //Main logic.
    always @(*) begin
        RL = {~Fa, ~Fo, ~Ch, ~Se}; //Set left river bank indicators.
        RR = {Fa, Fo, Ch, Se};     //Set right river bank indicators.
        W = Fa & Fo & Ch & Se;     //Assign WIN indicator.
        //Assign LOSE indicator.
        case({Fa, Fo, Ch, Se})
            4'b1000: L = 1'b1;
            4'b1100: L = 1'b1;
            4'b1001: L = 1'b1;
            4'b0011: L = 1'b1;
            4'b0110: L = 1'b1;
            default: L = 1'b0;
        //Assign INVALID MOVE indicator.
        case({Fa, Fo, Ch, Se, Inp[1:0]})
            6'b000111: I = 1'b1;
            6'b001010: I = 1'b1;
            6'b010001: I = 1'b1;
            6'b010101: I = 1'b1;
            6'b010111: I = 1'b1;
            6'b101001: I = 1'b1;
            6'b101011: I = 1'b1;
            6'b101101: I = 1'b1;
            6'b110110: I = 1'b1;
            6'b111011: I = 1'b1;
            default:   I = 1'b0;
        //Next state logic.
        case({Fa, Fo, Ch, Se, Inp[1:0]})
            6'b000000: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1000;
            6'b000001: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1100;
            6'b000010: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1010;
            6'b000011: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1001;
            6'b000100: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1001;
            6'b000101: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1101;
            6'b000110: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1011;
            6'b000111: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0001;
            6'b001000: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1010;
            6'b001001: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1110;
            6'b001010: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0010;
            6'b001011: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1011;
            6'b010000: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1100;
            6'b010001: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0100;
            6'b010010: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1110;
            6'b010011: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1101;
            6'b010100: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1101;
            6'b010101: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0101;
            6'b010110: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1111;
            6'b010111: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0101;
            6'b101000: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0010;
            6'b101001: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1010;
            6'b101011: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1010;
            6'b101100: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0011;
            6'b101101: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1011;
            6'b101110: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0001;
            6'b101111: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0010;
            6'b110100: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0101;
            6'b110101: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0001;
            6'b110110: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1101;
            6'b110111: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0100;
            6'b111000: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0110;
            6'b111001: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0010;
            6'b111010: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0100;
            6'b111011: {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b1110;
            default:   {Fan, Fon, Chn, Sen} = 4'b0000;