LPC-10 Decoder Model

LPC-10 Decoder Model

Talking Clock Overview

This is a small project I created while taking a class on speech encoding.  I had a Speak and Math when I was young and never knew how it worked...until I took that class.  I wanted to find out more so I was looking online and found an Arduino project by Peter Knight called Talkie.  He had written code that simulated the TI speech synthesis chip used in the late 70s and early 80s.  I took his code and ported it over to MATLAB and used some of the voice data from his project to create a program that speaks the current time.

Talking Clock Source File

The source code has been placed into a single MATLAB file.  The top portion is the speech data followed by the time parsing function.  The speech functions and lattice filter are at the bottom.

Talking Clock Source Code

Talking Clock Sampled Audio Output