#include <avr/io.h>
#include "Board_IO.h"
#include "Helper.h"
#include "EEPROM.h"
#include "Modbus.h"

//Timers used to strobe RX and TX LEDS.
uint8_t rx_timer, tx_timer;

//RX array data.
#define MAX_TERM_LEN 7                  //Max length of terminal RX array.
uint8_t rx_term_string[MAX_TERM_LEN];   //Array for storing terminal RX string.
uint8_t rx_term_string_index;           //Index into terminal RX array above.

void enable_rx();                       //Enable the RS485 RX line, disable TX.
void enable_tx();                       //Enable the RS485 TX line, disable RX.
void TX_byte(uint8_t data);             //Transmit a single byte of data on the RS485 line.
void TX_string(char *data);             //This function transmits a string of data out the UART.
void update_RXTX_LEDs();                //Update RX/TX LEDs.

//Terminal functions.
void terminal_tok(uint8_t rx_byte);     //This function tokenizes the user input.
void USART_carriage_return();           //Write "\r" in the terminal window.
void USART_ERR();                       //Print "ERR" in terminal window.
void USART_OK();                        //Print "OK" in terminal window.
void USART_write_menu();                //Write the configuration menu in the terminal window.
uint8_t selection1(uint8_t *rx_array);  //Menu selection 1.
uint8_t selection2(uint8_t *rx_array);  //Menu selection 2.
uint8_t selection3(uint8_t *rx_array);  //Menu selection 3.
uint8_t selection4(uint8_t *rx_array);  //Menu selection 4.

#endif /* USART_CONTROL_H_ */