OSR USB FX2 Linux Driver Overview

One of the classes I took at UCSC Santa Cruz Extension was a Linux kernel class.  I had to do a project for the class so I decided to to learn how to write a Linux USB driver.  I had an interest in learning about the USB protocol for other projects I wanted to do.  I found the OSR USB FX2 development board on the internet and bought one.  It is a board used for learning USB drivers for Windows.  I searched the internet and found a driver that someone wrote for the board but it was based on an older version of Linux and did not compile.  I rebuilt my own driver from scratch based on the USB skeleton file found in the Linux kernel source code.  I was able to get the device working.  I made a presentation for the class which is linked below.

OSR USB FX2 Driver Presentation

OSR USB FX2 Learning PCB

OSR USB FX2 Learning PCB

OSR USB FX2 Linux Driver Source Files

The following is the source code for the driver along with an application to demonstrate its use as well as other supporting files.