Audio ROM Disassembly

The following link is to the complete disassembly of the program run by the audio processor. The Star Wars audio processor handles three different types of audio: music, sound effects and speech. The music and sound effects are produced by a total of four POKEY chips. Two POKEY chips are reserved for music while the other two are for sound effects. The speech is generated by a Texas Instruments TMS-5220 speech synthesis chip. One audio function from each category can be playing simultaneously.


Extracted Speech Data

I extracted the speech data from the ROM and placed it in a MatLab file so it can be experimented with. The file that plays the speech is based on the LPC-10 talking clock project that can be found in the DSP section of my website. The file for the Star Wars speech is modified in that it is a floating point implementation and uses updated chirp values extracted from the MAME source code.


The Complete Star Wars Arcade Audio Collection

Finally, I have recorded every piece of music, speech and sound effects from the game and placed them here. The audio was captured from MAME. The sound clips are broken down by which section of the firmware plays them. There is some overlap as the music player also plays one of the sound effects. The speech player also plays some of the sound effects.

Star Wars Arcade Audio Collection (download)

Music Player Clips

Speech Player Clips

Sound Effects Player Clips